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    Let's talk about it.  Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club is useless if you are all sunshine and God bless you's around your bros when your soul is rotting.
    My goal is to be totally legit here. When I'm on, you'll know it, and be in awe of my walk. When I'm depressed, struggling with my sobriety or any other constant struggle for me, you'll know that too, and be shocked. I consider it...

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    The Salvation Prayer

    And the lion shall lay with the Lamb.

    The other day I got to say the salvation prayer with 4 year old baby James. The night before, he had told Mommy that he was afraid of what happens after you die. So she had a conversation with him about heaven and Hades. She pulled out her phone and Google pictures to show him. He was struck by how the hungry animals were not eating the children who were...

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    God Can Really Give a Spanking

    1 Corinthians 11:31But if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged. 32But when we are judged, we are disciplined by the Lord so that we will not be condemned along with the world.…

    My critics first response, when I am administering discipline, is who disciplines me? The obvious answer is myself. I am my own biggest critic, constantly seeking improvement and deeper spiritual depth. The...

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    Showing Grace When Leaving an MC

    When people leave an MC sometimes its for perfectly good reasons. I can think of a lot of guys who felt they needed to leave and did it respectfully.

    Many have quit for perfectly good reasons and then come back later. We are so glad they are back. We welcome anyone back.

    And some leave and talk smack. They are offended about something, legitimate or not, and can't get over it. Sometimes it's a...

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    Heart of the King, Hand of the Lord

    God is capable of moving the mighty Mississippi a mile from its current riverbed, and does that at times. He's also capable of moving me, or anyone else, anywhere he wants us. He can change the heart of a king, or any leader, at the snap of his fingers. So don't get hung up, raging at a king. Check yourself, or check with God...not learning what He is trying to teach you is going to be a humbling...

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    A Prospect Is...

    Let me be clear.  A prospect is not a punk. This is not a fraternity. A prospect is not to be 'seen and not heard'. I don't want prospects being fake and humble and quiet, then get their rag and cut loose, and it's like 'who is this guy?'

    I treat a prospect just like I treat a brother, it's no different. If a prospect needs to be taught, I'll do that. But the same goes for a brother, a state...

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