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    Two by Two: Trust a Brother Till You Can't.

    There are many Scriptures that talk about the 'two by two' concept. That you can go out with another man to minister, because when one falls, the other can pick him up. That's wisdom. Especially if for instance you know you have a drinking problem, and you're going to be exposed to temptation to drink, use that wisdom. Building boundaries by having another brother with you to keep you accountable...

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    Road Names in a Motorcycle Club

    Posted by Disciple P-Nut
    Natl Road Captain
    Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

    Road names:

    Let’s talk about them for a second. What is a road name? It is a moniker bestowed on someone as a reminder of an event or trait that was impactful and meaningful whether funny, serious or otherwise.

    Road names are bestowed by your brothers and throughout club history there will be road names that come and some...

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    Honor and Gallentry

    Gallantry. Honor. Have these words lost their meaning? I was raised in the South, I was given history books with pictures like these. They bring back the gentle charm of Charleston and Savannah, in times long past, and also in times like today, where Southern things are a bit different than the rest of the fast-paced world. I was taught by Daddy that honor meant saying yes ma'am to a woman,...

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