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    News — Does God want you to Prosper


    1. A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER: This is an MC for men, and one thing I CAN TELL YOU FOR SURE, WHEN YOU ADD A WOMAN IN THE PATCH, YOU DONT HAVE A BROTHERHOOD ANYMORE, I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT IT IS NOT A BROTHERHOOD!! WE love the ladies, we involve them, there is an awesome SUPPORT DISCIPLE back patch for them but the brothers run the club by how the Brothers Vote. And I am the...

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    Biblical Prosperity

    Let me start with a blanket statement: If you are not a Christian, seeking Gods will daily through Bible study and prayer, abiding in Him, serving Him, and living a  righteous life of forgiveness, stop reading now, because that is who this is for, the prerequisite for even understanding this!

    Are you financially blessed by God per Dt 8:18, that you can pay all your bills, tithe, give offerings, and...

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